What’s the buzz about those blue bottles?

…and I’m not talking about flies!

First and foremost I am an holistic therapist. This means I take the whole person into consideration, looking at the whole body, the mind, the emotions, and the integral biology when a client comes to me for reflexology: it’s not just about trying to reduce symptoms in an isolated manner.

Pairing this approach with Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic (NYRO) is the perfect way to continue a sustained holistic mindset once the reflexology session has ended. I can use and recommend NYRO products to clients with 100% confidence that these blue bottles contain nothing but organic, natural and ethical loveliness for the wellbeing of our skin, hair and inner health such as nutrition and emotional wellbeing.

But it’s not just about the blue bottles – there’s another buzz happening and it’s called community. The NYRO motto is “People Helping People”, and this is what’s at the heart of being an Independent Consultant for NYRO.

People helping peopleThere is a huge community of consultants, many of whom are therapists too (and many are not I might add) and we are all there to help and support each other, and not just with NYRO related issues and questions. We’re there for each other whether it’s personal or professional, whether its brainstorming or off-loading our woes – you never feel alone on the journey.

Turn those “I can’t” thoughts into “I can”, “I will” and most importantly “I want”. Meet new people and make new connections. See yourself grow and develop in confidence and learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before. Apply new skills, new mindsets to other areas of your life. Challenge yourself, step outside your comfort zone and see it stretch out from a small patch of rough ground to a big expase of lush grass. Someone will be with you to hold your hand. Most importantly – enjoy yourself!

So if you want to see what the buzz is about, why not get in touch? Phone or message me, or look at my website – we’re waiting with open arms to welcome you to our blue bottle community.

Jackie Marsden MAR is a qualified reflexologist and independent consultant (Team Leader) for Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic. Jackie leads and mentors a growing team of consultants (many of whom are therapists integrating organic products into their existing businesses) via the NYRO social selling channel, holding regular team meetings, one-to-one coaching via phone and facetime, and a closed facebook group. All views are my own.