Foot Reading

What is Foot Reading?

The feet are a wonderful extremity: we tend to neglect our feet, stuffing them into socks and shoes and walking on them all day, however they hold such fascinating insights into our bodies, emotions and our overall health.

Foot reading is the study of the feet in terms of markers such as length and tilt of toes, texture and tone of skin, health of nails, skin tags, birth marks, injuries, shape of the feet. This can be paired with any physical sensations such as pain, bruising and gait.

By interpreting markers present we can collate an overall picture of health, both physically and mental/emotionally. From here we have a basis for discussion, and bring possible suggestions for improved wellbeing to the table.

As a general guide, the left foot represents the left side of the body and what is going on in the present moment, while the right foot represents the right side of the body and what is still being processed from the past. Together, they form a perfect picture of present and past experiences, as well as a map of the whole body.

How can I get a Foot Reading?

The beauty of reading the feet is that I don’t have to see you in person to carry out the study and give you feedback (although in person is also very lovely!)

To see an example of a foot reading please click here. I can write you a report, or alternatively schedule a zoom session for a chat.

Foot Reading Report

Simply e-mail me some clear pictures* of your feet to and pay. A full written Foot Reading Report will be emailed to you within 7 days, or alternatively we can have a 1:1 meeting on zoom to discuss my findings. *pictures should include: Plantar (soles) including toes Dorsal (tops including top of ankles and toes) Medial and Lateral angles (side view inside and outside of both feet)