Ear Points for Headache

Headaches and migraines can be painful at best and debilitating at worst. There are so many triggers for headaches including food, stress, hypertension, hormonal surges, bright lights, and strong smells (to name but a few). To ease a headache, many of us will reach for the painkillers to get through the day.

In this post, I’d like to share 3 ear points to use for the symptom of headache. Find each point, add gentle pressure using finger and thumb, rotate and release. Do this no more than once to begin with, and then wait as the body digests the action. Note that over stimulation can create feelings of nausia and dizziness, so “less is more” in this case. If any point is sensitive, this is a good indication of imbalance.

Point 1: Liver Yang

This is on the outer edge of the ear known as the Helix. Gently palpate in this area to see if there is a sensitive spot. Then gently add pressure, rotate and release.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Liver energy is responsible for the smooth flow of Blood and Qi, as well as emotions. If you are feeling angry or frustrated then Liver Yang might be accumilating in the upper body and head, causing symptom of headache.

Point 2: Subcortex.

The area marked here includes the Brain and Head. Gently squeeze this area placing the forefinger inside of this flap (known as the Antitragus) and the thumb on the outside. Add pressure, rotate and release.

As the symptom we are addressing is located in this body part, it is a straightforward action of stimulating the reflex point to have a corresponding effect on the body.

Point 3: Ear Shenmen.

This point is great for regulation and calm, and also used for the relief of pain. Place forefinger on the point, and support with thumb behind the ear. Add pressure, rotate and release.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shenmen translates to “door of the mind”. By using this point we not only aim to calm the mind, but we also look to calm the heart.

By using these points, the intention is to provide rapid pain relief, or reduction of pain, from the symptom of headache. As with all self-help information, use at your own risk and do not substitite for prescribed medication or consultation with your GP/medical practitioner.

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