Snowdon Climb for HOOP UK

This weekend my husband and I took part in the Snowdon Climb which was organised to raise awareness for the charity Helping Overcome Obesity Problems (HOOP) UK.

26 participants took part, all of different ages and abilities. It was a fantastic group of people from all over the country, and I made some wonderful new friends. Some people took part simply to raise sponsorship and raise awareness for the charity, others entered the challenge as part of their own goals to overcome weight and fitness issues.


We made it to the summit, which in hindsight was the easiest bit – coming down was harder! My body is now as stiff as a board in my lower back and quads, and this is 2 days post-climb!

ImageSnowdon is the highest mountain in Wales, the second highest in the Nations 3 peaks challenge, with an elevation of 1,085 metres. Snowdon is one of the UK’s most accessible mountains and many peoples first mountain (including my own!)

HOOP UK brings an holistic approach to health and wellbeing through diet, nutrition, lifestyle, supply of relevant information and advice on physical fitness. It offers a safe place for those seeking help to feel included and supported in a non-judgmental approach to overcoming obesity and weight problems. If you’d like to find out more see

Jackie Marsden MAR is a qualified reflexologist and independent consultant (Team Leader) for Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic. Jackie leads and mentors a growing team of consultants (many of whom are therapists integrating organic products into their existing businesses) via the NYRO social selling channel, holding regular team meetings, one-to-one coaching via phone and facetime, and a closed facebook group. All views are my own.



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