I recently had 2 Reflexology treatments from Jackie, and loved them! Being pregnant I was a little concerned about any risks, but Jackie puts your mind at ease from the start. She has a fab touch, and makes you feel relaxed right from the beginning of the consultation through to when you say goodbye. And even after that, she’s in touch to make sure you were happy with how you felt afterwards. I sleep better now, which had been a problem for me in the first half of my pregnancy, and generally I feel so much better having had just 2 sessions. I will be returning for more treatments to maintain that feeling! I would recommend anyone who is thinking about reflexology to see Jackie. – Emma 26 Sept 2014

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the fab reflexology treatment you gave me (about 6 months ago!). I really felt you were so professional yet warm and personable. It most certainly what I believe is essential in a successful therapist. I don’t profess to know very much about reflexology having only had one other treatment before but I felt the treatment was absolutely perfect. Being a fairly ticklish person I felt the pressure and the techniques were great as I don’t remember any moments where I started to feel anxious that my tickle reflex was about to kick in (once I start that’s it!) – a true professional! I genuinely felt whole body relaxation so quite obviously a very effective treatment. I was delighted! Thank you so much! – Vicky 14 July 2014

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